Quayside Plumbing offer complete plumbing installation. From a leaking tap to a complete gas central heating system, from installing a washing machine to designing and installing a whole new bathroom suite, Quayside Plumbing has it all covered.

All of our plumbing work is done to the highest standard possible, because we understand the importance of completing work correctly the first time, both for the customer and in the interests of safety and efficiency. Our friendly, reliable team of plumbers and engineers are more than happy to help with any plumbing enquiry, talking through the options with you and helping to overcome any potential problems. And our work is guaranteed so you have the peace of mind that on the rare occasions that something fails, we’ll rectify quickly and without any quibble.

General Plumbing Repairs

Over time all plumbing will need replacing or repairing. Internal and external pipes and joints are subject to extremes of heat and cold and leaks are inevitable. Quayside Plumbing work quickly to locate the source of the leak and make an effective and durable repair. So whether it be toilet cisterns or bowls, sinks, baths, showers or appliances, you can be rest assured that Quayside Plumbing are the plumber in Poole and Bournemouth to call first.

water cylinder

Water cylinders & tanks

As well as removing hot water cylinders and immersion tanks when the central heating is being replaced by a combi boiler system, we can also replace existing water cylinders with modern, more efficient models. Not only can these take up less space but they are built with more effective insulation and safety devices. Quayside Plumbing can also remove old header tanks and water storage tanks which are usually not required with modern hot water systems; this can often free up valuable space in lofts and attics.

Repair leaking taps or tap replacement

Tap Replacement

Whether you are having leaking taps replaced or having new fixtures fitted to your bathroom or kitchen as part of a refurbishment, Quayside Plumbing take the hassle out of changing taps. And, because we guarantee our work, you have the peace of mind that you can call on us to repair any leaks. Whether you want a modern, sleek look or a vintage mixer tap, Quayside Plumbing can supply and install replacement taps to add the finishing touches to your bathroom.

Shower repair and installation

Shower installation

Quayside Plumbing can install a new shower or wet room including shower screens and tiling. If you want to replace that old electric shower with a modern, pump-driven system running straight from your combi-boiler, we can decommission your existing shower and install a new state-of-the-art shower unit, including shower trays and drainage. A reasonable sized bathroom can be transformed into a luxurious wet room, with floor to ceiling tiling and all-over shower systems.

Water softener installation

Water Softeners

South East Dorset is well know for being a hard water area. When rain water permeates through the local chalk and limestone rock, it absorbs calcium and magnesium minerals resulting in hard water. This then inevitably manifests itself as limescale in your home. Quayside Plumbing can install a water softener between your water supply and your taps and appliances which markedly reduces the limescale. Softer water has both health and financial benefits and increases the lifespan of appliances such as kettles and dishwashers.

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